Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flat on my back

Saturday morning I was a little stiff when I woke up. I bent over to check the pantry for breakfast and my back went into full spasm. I then spent the useful part of the morning lying on the kitchen floor admiring the cobwebs under our cabinets and watching the cats use the litter box. After a few muscle relaxers and ibuprofen, I very slowly started the weekends work.
Sam sanded drywall compound while I finished drywalling the closet in the second bedroom. It got a first coat of drywall compound too. I ordered very cool aluminum track for the sliding doors that will cover the top hole.
Sunday I managed to get the vanity drawers assembled and put on a first coat of polyurethane. The sides are cherry-stained birch and the bottom walnut.
We finally decided that the concrete backsplashes I made are too much around the sink. The backsplash will be tiled same as the tub surround. Sunday night I got the tile in place, but it will have to wait for grout until after thanksgiving.

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