Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's Official, We Are In

It's been a long haul and things aren't completely finished yet, but we are in. We got moved out of the apartment the weekend before Thanksgiving. It's going to take a few posts to get caught up on the progress and general state of the house.
 Winston posing by his new kitchen. The floor in most of the house is a random pattern cork. Cork was the right choice. It is period correct, quiet, and warm.

The garage is filling up fast. Here's a shot of moving in the convertible. It's almost as big as the old garage and much taller. While not much now, eventually it will get insulated and drywalled.

For the kitchen we had the original metal cabinets powdered coated. Sam managed to find some of the only NOS bakelite backer plates to replace the cracked and damaged ones. 

The countertops and other concrete pieces are in. These are platinum grey with a moderate gloss. 

Here is a good shot of the lounge the night before moving in. The near light is the salvaged one and the far is a Nelson bubble lamp. 

Our bedroom has a wall of closets. Sometimes you can't beat IKEA. The doors are pretty cool. They have a wave texture. 

Now there is some closets. 
These were the last two and most complicated concrete pieces. The shower storage and window are both single pieces of concrete. There wasn't a whole lot of clearance for either and the molds had to be just right.

Now that we are in and the project and semester are winding up, we can get caught up on pictures and general goings on. Stay tuned for a finished walk-through. 

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