Monday, November 4, 2013

1965 Shasta Compact Project: November Update

After months of wiring, the trailer is getting to a point where we will be making some visible progress soon. In case you forgot, this is what the profile looks like.

The wiring in and distribution out all come from this side. The wiring doesn't take that long, but the drilling and fishing the wires through the aluminum tube takes forever. Grommets have to be fitted and glue into place everywhere the wires run through the frame so they don't short from vibration.

The frig is installed. The one we wanted, and built the cabinet for, was out of stock indefinitely, so a little modification was needed to get the larger model in. The wall was cut out and one of the front structural member was removed and needs to be relocated. 
From the front the fig fits like we meant it. The original plan was to have some walnut trim around the refrigerator. As you can see, this model completely filled the space.

Not a ton of progress here other than a couple reading lights in place. After wiring is complete and tested, we move on to trim before spray foam and skin.

Funny, the past 6 months have been spent pulling wires to and from this cabinet. A few dozen more connections and I can close this up. 
Keep in mind this trailer is 12ft long tongue to bumper. For power we have a 30 amp shore service, 2 90 watt solar panels, and 200 mAh of sealed batteries running to a 1200 watt inverter charger. That powers 5 AC outlets, a TV, and LED base lighting, and on the DC side, 2 outlets, a refrigerator, 2 reading lights, 1 main house light, a kitchen light, and an automatic fan. That is more power than you would find in an airstream 3 times as big. 

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