Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting Ready

At this point we are in a holding pattern just waiting until the offspring shows up. The house is mostly clean and all the important stuff is in place.
One of the things that has always bothered me is the kitchen sink. Beside it being white, there is one little useless side and one way too big side. Why not change it out.

A couple Kohler fixtures later and more than a few leaks, new sink is in. The second part of this update involves replacing the white backsplash tile. Since our neighbor has a dumpster, it might be a good time to move on that. 

Recently we picked up a Thrive rocking chair for mom and the munchkin. The second bedroom converted easily into a baby's room without any painting or other prep work.

The cats think all this new stuff is great and have been working on making it smell like them. We might have to get a second bouncy seat and that poor monkey is going to have a hard life. 
I wonder if he will wear a diaper?

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