Thursday, August 2, 2012

Long overdue trailer updates

I started this post and then completely forgot about it, so here is a delayed trailer post. The shop is very hot (95-100) right now so I haven't had much motivation to go work. Anyway, the aluminum is just about finished. The front braces are in along with the back window framing. I have started installing the horizontal wood pieces for skin support around the curves too. It is already pretty stiff.

The fan framing has been installed. This is a pretty neat little unit. It is motorized with temperature sensors and a moisture sensor that will automatically close the vent if it rains. Now we just need an interior.

Jerad and StudioBuild are building the cabinets for us. Here is the basic frame. The left bay will be a hinged door. The middle bay will have three pull out drawers. The right bay is for the refrigerator. The slant will follow the front angle. Our water tank is going to fit under this as well. It will be tight.
Flooring is ordered, plywood for the roof is at the shop. It will start coming together soon.

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