Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something Isn't Right

After last weekends raid on the garden I put up an excessively complicated electric fence. We had a few days of quiet. Then this morning, aaaaaaaah my last Cherokee purple tomato is gone. It was just starting to get ripe and had to weigh 2 lbs. There was no sign of the tomato anywhere in the yard. The electric fence is still up and hasn't been tampered with. I am thinking we are dealing with something slightly worse than just rodents. There really is only two possible culprits 1) super intelligent mutant squirrels or 2) zombie squirrels with a taste for tomatoes. These things exist, they have to, I found lots of pictures on the internet. 
 or possibly a chipmunk with giant tomato-sized cheeks.

Maybe the deported rabbit is back for revenge?

or something more sinister?

I haven't seen any, but high IQ mutant zombie groundhogs aren't out of the question.

Either way, the war is on. I feel sorry for anything that wanders into the garden. I may have to call in air support for this campain. 
I would tell you specifics, but I'm not sure that my enemy doesn't have the internet.

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