Monday, November 14, 2011

You May Enter

The lack of posts isn't due to lack of work. Our garage is full of projects. Luckily this weekend we got a few zeroed out.
Sam and Mark spent yesterday getting the front door hung just right. The escutchon plate was a vintage find on ebay. The window kits are from Crestview. The top three windows are reeded glass and the bottom is clear for the cats to see through.

It was getting dark and the pictures weren't turning out great. More to come, but you get the picture.

 While Sam was working on the front door I have been building the cabinet for the downstairs bathroom. The sink is here and we are just waiting on the laminate.
 The garden is pretty much shut down for the year. I picked the rest of the green tomatoes and peppers. The beets and carrots are getting big in the hoop houses and will be ok for a couple more months until I get a chance to pull them.

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goosefairy said...

I LOVE that door! It was so thoughtful of you to give the cats a place to look out of :)