Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Much Needed Updates

We have had lots going on the past couple weeks. Last weekend I did (or rather started) the Heartland 50 mile race in Cassoday Kansas in the Flint Hills. I ran well up to mile 25 and then burned out. I had been sick the week before and that combined with lots of travel in September ended my day early. So, here is a picture of a few friends that finished the 100 mile race. Debbie, Coleen, and Laurie looked way better than I did at this point.
The night before we camped in the Element. There are no close hotels and this was the easiest option.
Sam enjoying a beer at the campsite. A SUV air mattress fits with the front seats pushed all the way forward. I got a set of drop down black out curtains so Sam was able to go back to sleep after I started. Night in the middle of Kansas is pretty cool, you can see all of the stars.
Sam had printed directions to the aid stations. However she turned on the GPS just to check. According to garmin, and Sam, nothing exists in the middle of Kansas. Teterville is the point on the map. That is a cell tower and collapsed shack.
It's pretty flat out there.

Here is me pulling into the 25 mile aid station.
With sore muscles, on Sunday I sealed the driveway.
This is getting close to the end of the garden.

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