Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Up

It's hot and we are taking it easy, that's what's up.
After the party Sam headed back to Wisconsin for a pretty hard funeral. While there she took second place in a 5 mile Dairyland days race.
On a more uplifting note. I think we are going to more shows this summer than the last 5 years combined.
Last night we saw the black keys at grinders. Mumford and Sons, Sublime, Ben Folds, and a good dose of BB's blues are on the schedule.
The garden is doing well and getting big. Our lettuce was doing so well and I was getting ready to harvest and this. I came out one morning and everything was gone. Little green inch worms ate all of the lettuce. So the lettuce and spinach has been removed for the hot season and replaced with bush beans.
Home depot on Metcalf, a mother duck with 12 ducklings. They walked right through the parking lot.

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