Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Alive!

We have been pretty busy lately doing non-photo worthy things. It hasn't helped the computer is sick. We have been running, hanging out, and generally enjoying summer. The concrete patio table is almost finished, stay tuned for pictures of that. Sam ran with her girls on the run team last Saturday while I was in St. Louis at a baseball game. So things that keep changing without much of our assistance is the garden. We have started eating radishes, spinach, and lettuce from the garden.
Even with the week or so of wet weather the tomatoes are getting big. In our current hot humid weather they are going about 6 inches a day. Yesterday I saw that the Romas are blooming so tomatoes aren't far away.

The bush beans have some little ones. The second planting will be all blue beans because I like the color.

The peppers really want some warm weather. I planted marigolds around the garden to help keep the bugs down. I can't say that it is or isn't working though it is nice to have some color.

Peas are climbing. It is pretty cool to see how fast they grow, we are at about 6 inches a day.

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