Sunday, October 11, 2009

Needed Updates

Since the homes tour we have been taking a little time off from house stuff. The weekend after Sam was in Wisconsin for a triathlon and I was in Vegas for a conference. At the triathlon Sam took 3rd in her age group and 36th out of over 1750 competitors. Then this weekend we did the Heartland 50 in Cassoday Kansas.

Yep, that was a 50 mile race. There were both 50 mile and 100 mile versions, we did the short one. We showed up in the Flint Hills Friday night for packet pickup and prerace dinner. Cassoday only has 99 people (if that) and it seemed like everyone was there. Food was good and we talked to some other runners. The weather was supposed to be 35 at the start warming to mid-40s with 5-10mph winds and sunny until late afternoon. Well the first part was right and it was cold at the start. The sun came up around 7:30 and began to warm up until about 7:45ish. Unfortunately the front moved very early, the sun went away, it got cold, and it got windy. The majority of the race was run in 38 degrees and 15-20 mph winds. We both survived. Sam had been nursing a bum foot for a couple weeks and got it well enough to run, but will be hobbling for a little while. I took 7th and Sam took 8th and was the second female. I brought along a disposable camera and will have to see if any of the pictures turned out.

Our friend Shelley came out and crewed for us, which was very nice. She kept us well-stocked and on the right track. When it is cold and windy seeing someone you know at the next aid station makes a big difference. The course was scenic, if not a little daunting. The passage posted on the website about crossing the plains and the earth turning so you step in the same spot is very appropriate. Being able to see the finish line for 3-5 miles brings joy then sadness when you realize it is an hour away. The aid stations were awesome. Sam said she wouldn't have finished if it wasn't for the potato soup at the last aid station. I was trying to run down the guy in front of me and didn't partake in any. The burgers at the end really hit the spot too, even if my hands were so cold the grease hardened immediately on contact. Even the awards were an appropriate horseshoe. Now to shuffle off to bed.

As for other house things I will probably have the concrete buffet top finished up this week.

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